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Model PRO CDR 300, Trolley mounted Top Head drive hydraulically operated drill Rig is capable of drilling in any kind of medium to hard rock formation to extract mineral samples by core drilling method up to a maximum depth of 300 Meters. Under favorable drilling conditions. The following are the detailed specifications.


  • Proven technology ensures easy maintenance and more productive.
  • The rig can be customize as per customer requirement
  • All the actuators are operated by proportional control valves
  • Drill rod handling 10 feet (3.0 meter)
  • Drilling depth up to 1,000 feet (300 meters)
  • Drilling diameter NQ
  • Pull up force 5500 kgf
  • Dual Speed (Hi/Low) gearbox 0 - 800 rpm, 40 – 80 kg.m torque.
  • Triplex Single acting mud pump 170lts, 40kg/Cm2
  • Diesel engine 125 hp – 169 hp.
  • Optional: BQ – HQ Drilling.