Prominent Drill & Rigs

PDR, Prominent Drill and Rigs is a proud member of the prestigious KSK Group of Companies/ – a multinational corporate group with business operations in India and the Middle East.

The KSK Group of Companies ‘business divisions operate in compliance with stringent quality controls and assurance standards, and are governed by the Group’s policies, and relevant national and international standards. Individually in our professional capacities, and collectively speaking with one voice, we strive to create sustainable satisfaction for our stakeholders. Through top quality service and innovative solutions, we establish trustful partnerships with our customers. Sources of innovation can be found in every field and that needs to be the driving force for inspiration.

This is the reason why we encourage our people to create a competitive edge by remaining open to new ideas. We dare to do things differently, to find a better way. The nature of the Group's business activities makes it necessary to raise employee awareness within the Group about the value of a corporate culture that is open and promotes variety. This approach has been the focus of our specially designed initiatives. The projects we work on span decades and cover multiple industry sectors.

We PDRis manufacturer and global supplier of drilling rigs to the various industries, focusing on technologically advanced drilling technologies. Our mission lies in manufacturing and marketing high quality, technologically advanced and user friendly drilling rigs specifically designed to cater to the most demanding of our clients’ current and potential requirements. We operate in state-of-the-art manufacturing facility at India for manufacturing Drilling Rigs for Multi-Purpose Applications namely Bore Hole Drilling, Mining, Piling, Pole Hole Drillingetc.including complete operational tools and accessories under one roof with the supervision of a qualified engineering team. We are the supplier of choice to companies and contractors in the water well, mining, construction, soil testing and geophysical sectors mostly in Africa and the Middle East. Over 85 percentages of our revenues come from export sales, with major market position and brand value in African continent and the Middle East. PDR rigs specifically are at a premium in these markets due to its inherent quality, robustness and durability. Our company has been most successful in Africa and Middle East due to the key partners we have on the ground to promote and represent the company with appropriate technical know-how .

Our speciality is utilizing the capabilities of computer aided design and a fully integrated manufacturing process capability; user ideas are transformed into drilling solutions to meet the ever-increasing demands of the industry. At PDR, our manufacturing processes are undertaken in compliance with stringent quality controls and assurance standards, clearly defined company policies and procedures, and all national and international regulations. An important part of PDR competitive advantage is our ability to be at the forefront of technology and drilling industry standards. In a market that has been traditionally slow to adapt to change, we have progressively improved the function and quality of our products to provide world class performance and reliability. Our product Portfolio consists of Water Well, Mining, Core, and Piling Drilling Rigs. And most importantly we deliver in time.

A glimpse of our product’s quality and also the technical specifications of all our products can be found on our website