Prominent Drill & Rigs

PROMINENT DRILL AND RIGS, our manufacturing processes are undertaken in compliance with stringent quality controls and assurance standards, clearly defined company policies and procedures, and all national and international regulations. Individually in our professional capabilities and collectively speaking with one voice, we strive to create sustainable solutions while ensuring utmost satisfaction for our stakeholders through our products and services. Through top quality service and innovative solutions, we aspire to establish trustful partnerships with our customers.

At PROMINENT DRILL AND RIGS, we believe that innovation needs to be the driving force for inspiration and this is the reason we encourage our people to develop a competitive edge by keeping an open mind towards new concepts and ideas. We dare to take a different path, to find a better way of doing things differently in an already time proven, tried and tested, conventional manner of doing business. This approach of ours has been the hallmark of our specially designed initiatives.